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Since 1976:

1980-81 grad school
81-82 nuke school, sub school
83-85 communicator, elec officer and MPA of Hammerhead SSN-663; met and got married to Terry (first wife)
86-87 taught at USNA (steam and boats); left USN
88-93 Air Products, Allentown, PA and field assignments as a project engineer/field engineer; had Matthew ('89) and Marla ('90); wrote "Voyage of the Devilfish" and other submarine books
94-96 international project manager at Air Products; separated from Terry (not amicable); left Air Products for competitor, British Oxygen in NJ; got laid off from British Oxygen; moved to Princeton, NJ; met and started dating Patti
96-97 Foster Wheeler USA, subcontract manager, north Jersey
97 divorced officially from Terry; married Patti; bought a house in East Windsor, NJ outside Princeton; transferred to Foster Wheeler Constructors;
00 Patti and I had daughter Meghan
01 left Foster Wheeler to be a project manager at Florida Power & Light (just in time for Enron and the recession)
02-03 project manager for NYC power plant, all-consuming job but a success
03 Wrote my best book, "Emergency Deep"
04 Divorced from Patti (this time a friendly divorce); finally able to made friends with first ex-wife; laid off from FP&L; formed construction claims and construction management consulting business; wrote "Vertical Dive"
04-06 Consultant; single; on; dated a lot, had 3 relationships, wrote a cynical dating blog in hopes of a second movie deal; met and dated Marcy
06 Worked for Shaw Stone & Webster, Trenton, NJ, project manager
07-08 Worked for Burns and Roe, NJ as construction claims manager, later became a home office project manager for Burns and Roe; moved to Newtown, PA (still commute to NJ)
Present Still with Burns and Roe, director of projects and director of operations for the Burns and Roe southern office; living with Marcy; son Matt is at University of Colorado; daughter Marla getting ready to graduate from H.S.; daughter Meghan (8) is in second grade.

Me on Fox News:

Me, bombed during vacation:
Girlfriend Marcy (who is older than me!)
Son Matthew at Univ of Colorado and Army ROTC/National Guard

Me with Meghan (love those red eyes, she got them from her mom...)

This is my "Gatsby":

Me on Fox News talking about the sinking of the Russian minisub:

More of Fox News (nice shot of the top of my head featuring thinning hair)...P.S. Gretchin is very friendly!